In 1995, Changzhou Star Power electronic Co., 

Ltd. was established in Changzhou City, Jiangsu 

Province. Production: 3.0V CR lithium manganese 

button battery. It was begun with 12 production lines,

 monthly output: 6 million pcs.

In 2000 24 more production lines were gained. 
Monthly output: 12 million pcs.Also, established
 Shenzhen office in Guangdong province, and 
opened up overseasmarkets.

In 2003, 48 more production lines were gained. 
Monthly output:20 million pcs,occupies 1/3 of the 
national output.


In 2004, CHAOCHUANG moved to Jintan City, Jiangsu Province Buy a pieco ofland to build a new factory, which covers 28000 square meters, renamed as: JintanChaochuang Battery Co, Ltd.


In 2007. CHAOCHUANG cooperated with Tianjin
Polytechnic University to advancethe automatic 
production lines, monthly output: 30 million pcS.

In 2008 combined with Japanese technology, CHAOCHUANG focused on the researchand development of high capacity battery of CR2032 independently, which capacity canreach 230mAh, the same type of battery can be designed as many as 7 kinds of characteristics


In 2009 the automatic production lines were gained to 48 monthly output: 45million pcs, imported the positive plate net equipment and the automatic cleaningequipment for battery.


In 2010 the annual output reached to 600 millions
pcs, ranked first in China.

In 2011, Shenzhen Chaochuang Battery Co., Ltd. 
was established;branches arelocated in Hong Kong 
and Taiwan.

In 2012, CHAOCHUANG enhanced the production
quality and passed world-classNB maker's 

In 2013 CHAOCHUANG phased in key solutions
in batteries to enhance thereliability of
leakage and storage.

In 2014 CHAOCHUANG imported precision production lines to make sure theproducts
with high-precision and high-quality.

In 2015, the environment automated cleaning lines for importation strived to realizethe more environmentally-friendly productive processes ,more stable quality andmore vigorous core competitiveness




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