Jintan Chaochuang Battery Co., Ltd. is founded as a high technological company that focuses attention on the lithium manganesebutton battery of its research, production and. sale. It stands on the Maoshan Xuébu town, Jintan city, which is the old revolufionarybase areas. CHAOCHUANG covers more than 26600m' and owns 181 88m" area for constructions. Äs a lithium manganese buttonbattery research base, CHAOCHUANG now accomplishes 48 high speed automatic production lines, about 450 staf, among them,there're 50 engineers. The production of CHÄÕCHUANG can be divided by 6 main series that 32 types are included, every year, thereare 450 millionpieces of lithium manganese button batteries are produced and the sales amount reaches over 100 millionFRMB.

      The characteristics of these lithium manganese button batteries can be concluded as seven key points: high voltage, large capacity,small- size, light weight, stationary discharge, safe, non-pollution, etc. they are widely used in the low power dissipation electronicappliance, medical equipment, industrial equipment and so on. As the growing cares for the environmental protection is becomingmore and more eagerly, the lithium manganese button battery has gradually and surely replace other types of 1.5V batteries, andbecoming a kind of ideal small electronic resource in the 2 ist century, for its excelent environmental protection and wonderful performance.CHAOCHUANG longs to advocates the , people oriented* as the management idea, takes the knowledge as the carrier . puts consumersatisfaction as starting point and does research in the related technology, try its best to combine the appearance and the quality.

      In technological aspect, CHAOCHUANG marches on the road of the success, and overcome obstacles by the advạnced method,eventually. it conquers the market in this filed. In 2009. CHAÕCHUANG created the positive plate automatic tablef machine independently,which becomes the earliest company to own the ability of quantity production in' China.

      In the appliance's aspect, CHAOCHUANG cooperates with Tianjin Polytechnic University from the beginning of 2006, and great changeswere took place, the production is top other similar companies at homé .

      CHAOCHUANG also emphasizes on the quality as well. More than 60 engineers are comitting themselves to the assistant and thequality test. The raw material, process, performance and the final test are also strictly concerned,

      In management aspect, CHAOCHUANG gain$ the certificate of ISO9001:2008 quality management and ISO1 4001:2004 environmentalmanagement systems. Also, passes the UL, Hong Kong SGS RoHS and RE ACH certification It promotes the property of the company,boost the prodúction, and consistently provide the clients with the excellent stable quality, and greenness production.

      On the sale, CHAOCHUANG has trained many sophisticated sales team to conduct the market at home or abroad. It lies on Shenzhen,to establish the sales base. It is convenient for CHAOCHUANG to form sincerely investigation and the tough worship promoting theproduction to worldwide, for example, the US, European Union, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and other 20 countries or areas,and earn the respect from them.

      Lead by the creativity in technology, CHAOCHUANG actively promotes the technical innovation and continuously expands the marketspace.' It believes thát the high quality is the soul of a company that can cultivate it go through thick and thin, which is also the radicalway to make the Jintan Chaochuang Battery Co, Ltd, becomes the magnificent kingdom of the lithiummanganese button battery acrossChina or even the world.


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